U create will always be your best partner in plastic indurstry from China.


    Provide plastic injection molding and modified engineering plastics

    Interactive Design

    Carefully designed according to customer's mold standards

    Plastic Processing

    Industrial plastic products customized processing

    Engineer Plastics

    modified plastic engineer plastics Special rubber Silicone

    Tooling & Moulding

    mold manufacturing, molding production to the assembly of one-stop service


    Make your plastic project come ture into life by using injection molding

    10 year plastic injection molding factory

    Plastic Parts

    Professional mold manufacturing, injection processing, all kinds of plastic parts, Household, high light parts, high difficulty shaped parts, large and small batch production, know a variety of materials

    Forehead Thermometer

    Plastic Part

    Mold factory offer General mold and private mold , you can send clear information about your project of forehead thermometer , such as size, structure , timing,and material of steel, we will give a feedback with in 12 hours

    PC Diffusion

    Industrial Applications

    light diffusion effect PC, increasing aesthetic demands in marketing , used at uv light wand, led pump , led light and Optical lens instrument inspection panel, piping system safety glass, writing pad, slide projection equipment components

    Industrial Automobile Part​

    Nylon PA66

    Aerospace, electronics, electrical switches, connectors, hpotoelectric integration, automotive parts, mechanical parts, gear and daily products.

    Moulded & Extruder Type

    Anti-Static Insulation Silicone rubber

    manufacturing anti-static silicone rubber productssuction cup, rubber roller, keypad, sealingring, wrist band, game controller, electronic device tray, keyboard protective, all kinds of wire and cable and anti-static products

    Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser


    Use for hotel/club luxuxy, home/kindergarten/company

    Automatic sanitizer dispenser

    Elbow disinfection

    Peclal sanitizer dispenser

    Auto soap dispenser

    Automatic soap dispenser

    Automatic sterilizer

    Silicone rubber

    Customize silicone

    Independent research and development: conductive, thermal, anti-static, foaming, high temperature, low temperature resistance, oil self-lubrication, oil resistance, fire resistance, wear resistance, liquid smoldering-foaming silicone and rubber part silicone / rubber parts

    Terminal and Housing

    Custom components

    Precision plastic forming components include
    Housing, Terminal, Wafer & Header, Wire Harness, Cable Assembly and related 3C related electronic products

    Silicone Injection molding

    Silicone rubber

    The special silica gel used in China injection molding , independently developed is: opalescent antistatic silicone rubber compound, which can be moulded, extruded and rolled

    high-elastic products.

  • - ABOUT US -

    Injection molding provides high value high repeatability good design flexibility

    Your best injection molding partener in China

    your trusted modified plastic supplier and injection molding manufacture in China , U create can customize all types of molding base on your detail requriment , always satisfy your requirement . handle your order from begining from plastic material processing to assembly .

    Injection molding manufacturer building the future of productivity.

    To help bring your creative etiquette project into life .

    Why choose us

    we have rich experience manufactured using injection molding from car parts, electronic enclosures, Capsules , indurstry and kitchen appliances , Thank you offer this opportunity to us , We are looking forward to working with you on your project . we can suggest the suitable plastic material with TDS to you .

    About U create

    If you are looking for a professional injection molding and engineer plastics modified plastic partner in China, U create will be your best choice. We provide better rate and the best solution to help your business development .

    For customer Questions

    Customer: We need to make molds for our products. What information do we need to provide?
    We: Please provide the product drawing: 2D/3D drawing, as well as the product material, quality requirements, product quantity and so on.We will provide accurate quotation of mold according to your request within 2 hours.
    Customer: We only have sample, can you help us to open mold?
    We: Yes, we can make the mold according to the sample modeling 3D drawing file.
    Customer: Can you provide injection molding service?
    We: We have a special injection molding department to provide product injection molding service.Mould manufacturing and product injection one-stop service, product quality, delivery time is more guaranteed, the price advantage is more obvious.
    Customer: Our products need oil injection/silk screen printing/electroplating and other follow-up processing, can we do it?
    We: our outsourcing oil injection/silk screen/electroplating processing plant provides services for us, and specialized project engineers are responsible for following up and ensuring the product process quality.
    Customer: Do you have any service in product assembly and packaging?
    We: Yes.We can help you assemble and package your products!

  • - CONTACT US -

    Email your drawing or send a sample to your trusted tooling and plastic molding maker

    1-3F, Yinling Industrial Park,
    Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan, China
    9am to5:30 pm
    0086 13543709858
  • BLOG

    Diversified business strategy to meet the needs of customized products

    July 2, 2020 · injection molding
    U create offer effective and accurate design , manufacturing and processing . We use UG software with STEP, Parasolid, IGES, DWG, DXF, CADL, NFL, SAT data etc.and injection machine to meet customer's special mould and part demands.
    Injection molding is widely used Electronic connector precision plastic forming components computer products, communication products and consumer electronics products , manufacturing powe contrl unit for the Ventilators and other connection diverse application fields .
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